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I love this song and how many animes that people can apply it to. XD

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I dont know quite what I was thinking when I made this. Maybe you could enlighten me?

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What can I say about this manga/anime? It's one of the best Manga I've read in a while, right on par with Bleach. I didn't make this picture (I got it somewhere) anyway. It's so good and the animation is so wonderful. The Manga is out until chapter 107 and the Anime is out to episode 18. I've read the manga and eagerly await the next chapter. The anime is really good too, episode 18 is freaking awesome! XD
How can I explain it? I found a webbie that does it better than I could. I'll include the link at the bottom of the post and add it to my sidebar.
The plot revolves around Allen Walker, an exorcist, in the midst of an
imaginary 19th century Europe. Allen is a member of the Dark Religious
Organization, which contains exorcists, connected with Vatican. The mission of
the Dark Religious Organization is to stop The Millennium Earl, an evil
demon-like entity intending to cleanse the world by destroying all the human in
it in the manner of Noah's great flood.The exorcists themselves are special
people gifted with compatibility with Innocence, divine substance created in the
ages past to combat the Earl's minions, the Akumas. It is said that there are
exactly 109 units of Innocence scattered around the world. Once an Innocence
finds its compatible person, it will evolve to become a weapon to fight the
Akumas.As the story goes, Allen Walker is introduced with more Exorcist
characters, among them are Kanda Yuu, Linali Li and Rabi. Also in the spotlight
are Komui Li, the church's science department supervisor and older brother of
Linali Li, Bookman, a mysterious colleague within the church, and Cross Marian,
a general in the Organization and Allen's master.More villains also appear along
the way. There are higher level akumas, with greater power, skill and wit. Newly
appearing as of this article is the Noah's family, humans gifted with great
power allied with the Earl.

Category: Action, Comedy, Horror, Shounen, Supernatural.

Alternative titles: DGrayMan, D-Grayman

Okay. It's really good. Please try it, I think you'll like it. If you like Bleach and Chrno Crusade then I think you'll like it.

D. Gray Man Anime: Rated No.1 D.Gray Man Fansite by Yahoo.

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Thought I'd check in for the week. Nashville Star? GO ANGELA!!!
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I bought FullMetal Alchemist Dual Sympathy right? And it sucks because I beat the game with Ed Elric right? Well, now I'm trying to beat it with Mustang and I cant beat the final boss, Pride (Or King Bradley, whatev.) and so I'm looking for ways to do it and I cant figure it out. Grr. It annoys me. Anyway. The game is pretty easy, and it's pretty cool. I think you'll like it the best if you're already a fan of the anime. There are a lot of goodies for the fans like an alarm clock, mini-games, and fortune telling. It's very good. You need to play it through a couple times to unlock all of the features. Maybe I'll write a walkthrough, the ones I've found have been pretty good but only cover the normal mode with Ed Elric.

Who knows. XD

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Yeah, I know that I usually write about anime and manga but I just have to say something about this show. I love it so much and I think that it's so good. Nothing against American Idol, I just dont like it but I love how you have to be able to sing, play an instrument, and be a good songwriter. The judges dont impact who goes and who stays at all. It's all based on the public vote, but the judges are entertaining and give constructive criticism to help the performers improve. I love it. GO ANGELA!!

Anyway, already three people have been kicked off and I'm looking for the next round of performances as well as watching Little BigTown perform. It's a great show! You should watch it.



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Look at the cute lil buttons I made. I know! Why dont you take one and save it and then put it on your webbie! What a great idea! XD

They aren't very well made, I know. But under the circumstances they're alright. XD Okay. I'm off!

1:55 am: The long awaited, by me at least Bleach ep. 110 is out in RAW form. XD I'm so excited! Yosh! Now to bed. Goodnight!

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